Hello everyone! I wanted to talk to you about infidelity issues in relationships. Reality TV has always had its fair share of unfaithful partners. It has been on my mind lately because of what is happening with Stacey and Florian on DarceyandStacey. They have been having some issues due to Florian’s questionable faithfulness in their relationship. There is some serious drama coming our way on DarceyandStacey because of it!

Let’s first address unfaithfulness as a whole, I’m sure we can all agree it’s a big no no. It’s one thing to have multiple partners if you are in an open relationship and have an understanding with your significant other. However, it’s a totally different situation to have more than one relationship at the same time, while you’re in a monogamous relationship. It is just straight up lying and not okay. I don’t understand unfaithful partners. If you are not going to be faithful, why not stay single and be free to do what you please?

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Back to Florian and Stacey. Somehow Florian had convinced Stacey that the pictures of him and another women were nothing to worry about. Obviously that wasn’t the case at all. It is apparent that it will cause some serious issues in their relationship, specifically trust issues. Stacey wants to trust what Florian is telling her, but it’s clear that she is having her fair share of doubts.

I don’t blame Stacey for having doubts. Florian is so far away from her most of the time. It is very possible that he is hiding things from her and the distance between them would just make it easier to do. I’m actually surprised that she allowed him to come to America even after seeing those pictures. To go even further, Florian is there with the intent of getting married within 90 days. The stakes are super high for Stacey! I hope she makes the right decision for herself moving forward.

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We don’t know the whole story yet, since we only got to see a teaser of what is to come on DarceyandStacey. So I really don’t want to jump to any conclusions, but I really can’t help trying to figure it out in advance! Do you ever do the same thing? Like you can just predict what’s going to happen? I think it’s a reality TV show fan superpower! Hopefully we will find out soon! I’m actually pretty curious.

The teaser showed Darcey confronting Florian’s apparent mistress on face time. Pretty much confronting her about what is actually going on between her and Florian. Darcey asks her to just keep it simple because it has become quite a complicated situation. I can’t tell if the mystery girl is going to give some clarity on the situation or just add to the confusion!

From what was shown, it seemed like there was something going on between the mystery girl and Florian, at least from what she said to Darcey. She said something along the lines of Florian wanting her honey…that speaks volumes. If I had to guess, Florian is just trying to downplay what actually happened with the mystery girl. Yet, we shouldn’t be naive about this. I’m sure it’s hard for Stacey to accept that Florian may have been unfaithful since she has been with him for a while now and hopes to marry him soon.

I think Stacey should be very careful moving forward with Florian. It will be a whole other story once she is married to him. The stakes will be much higher and she will have a lot more at risk. It will also be a lot more complicated to go separate ways if there are infidelity issues. If she is worried about something concerning Florian now, chances are they will only grow into bigger concerns down the road.

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What do you think about this topic? Infidelity is a very serious topic to address, but I thought this was a good opportunity to talk about it. I think it’s something that should be talked about more. It shouldn’t be such a taboo subject. Let’s be open with each other!