Hello everyone, today I wanted to dive into the world of money as it relates to family and fairness. Is there such a thing as fairness with family? Or does that go out the window when it concerns your loved ones?

As we all know, money tends to complicate things, especially relationships. Relationships among family are not safe from the threats money can pose. Of course the families on 90 Day Fiance are no exception. In fact, there have been numerous issues that have arose within families due to money. I’m not surprised!

family fairness and money

We can first talk about the very recent drama that went down with Libby’s family during her 2nd wedding in Moldova. It was no secret that Libby’s father, Chuck, paid for this wedding, which did not sit well with the rest of the family. They were unhappy with this decision and weren’t comfortable with their father covering all the expenses. A big reason is due to Libby’s husband – Andrei. To put it simply, her family is not fond of him.

Libby’s siblings were not shy about expressing their distaste about having to attend this wedding in Moldova and were even more upset about the money being spent on it. They felt that Andrei should have taken the responsibility of covering the costs for the wedding, since it was something that he wanted. What should of been happy family time became more of a hate-fest towards Libby and Andrei, which I feel was kind of over the top.

I think if it were Libby and Andrei paying for their wedding, the rest of the family would have felt differently about the whole thing. So, my main question is: Should family be happy to see other family members receive financial help or do they have a right to be upset if they are not receiving the same? Personally, I think it really depends on the situation and the dynamics of the family. I don’t know if there is any right answer to this question – it is not black and white!

In regards to the wedding in Moldova, I think it was fair for Chuck to cover the costs because he didn’t pay for Libby’s first wedding. Apparently, Chuck had paid for his other kid’s weddings, so I kind of understand the reasoning there. However, that didn’t seem to matter to Libby’s siblings – Charlie and Jen. They seemed very unsettled during their whole stay in Moldova and even came across as jealous at times.

libby brother wedding

What’s even more interesting is how Charlie and Jenn reacted to the wedding itself. They were convinced it wasn’t going to be a nice wedding at all. When it actually turned out to be extravagant they were completely shocked. Also, the luxury of the wedding caused them to question actually how much money their father had given Libby and Andrei. All of this just fueled the fire of their resentment towards the couple.

What surprises me the most is that Libby’s siblings don’t seem happy for her. I understand that they have their reservations about how the wedding was paid for, but that can be addressed at a later date. It doesn’t have to happen on the day of the wedding. Why not just let the couple enjoy their special day? I think Libby’s siblings could not get a handle on their anger over the whole thing and had to let it out in some capacity.

To look at it from Libby’s siblings perspective, I do understand why they were in such disbelief at the whole situation due to how Andrei acts. Andrei hasn’t exactly been pleasant to their family and has been difficult to get along with overall. That definitely wouldn’t soften their hearts towards him. I guess that’s why they were so shocked by Chuck’s generosity towards Andrei.

Do you agree with Libby’s siblings? Should Chuck have said no to helping his daughter and Andrei have another wedding in Moldova? Or do you think Libby’s siblings are being way too hard on them? Let me know in the comment section below!