I’m sure most of us have been aware of the drama that has ensued between Deavan and Jihoon during the past few months. A lot has been going on in their family and a lot is being said as well. It is quite hard to ignore all the rumors because some are pretty intense, especially when it involves young children and abuse allegations…

At first Deavan tried to keep things private about what went down. However, as time went on and people kept questioning her, she started to reveal various details about the allegations. Deavan said that once everything is sorted out in court, the truth will start to come out. After that happens she said her and her children can heal in peace.

deavan drascilla abuse

To add to that, after being questioned more on Instagram, Deavan stated that she hasn’t spoken out yet because matters have to be dealt with in court first. Once that is complete she will be more comfortable to share details about what actually happened. Deavan also said that she isn’t trying to play victim, she just wants there to be justice for her daughter, Drascilla.

I can understand Deavan’s point of view in this matter. She is Drascilla’s mother and it is her duty to protect her. We obviously don’t know the truth of what played out between Jihoon and Drascilla, so we can only speculate at this time. In my opinion, I think something did happen that split the family apart, however, I don’t know exactly what.

deavan drascilla abuse

Let’s look at what happened according to Jihoon – he made claims that he had pulled Drascilla’s hair to show her it was not a nice thing to do to other people (apparently she was getting in trouble at school for this behavior). Someone commented to Deavan’s Instagram saying that they don’t think hair pulling is abusive, especially in the Chinese culture. They continued by saying they don’t believe it is right, but it is a common way to discipline children in Asian cultures.

Deavan responded, saying that pulling and ripping hair out are two very different things. Deavan is claiming it wasn’t a simple tug on the hair, but something much more serious.

deavan drascilla abuse

Deavan responded to Jihoon’s claims of just pulling her hair. She stated that the alleged incident actually happened at 3 a.m. when Drascilla got up for some water. You can read the screenshot below at your own risk if you want to find out more about the abuse allegations. Warning: the allegations can be triggering for some.

As you can see, this is some very heavy subject matter. Any allegations of abuse should be taken seriously. Regardless of what comes out in the future, I just hope that Drascilla and her brother Taeyang are the main priority and are kept safe. What are your thoughts on these abuse allegations against Jihoon?