If you aren’t aware, Mike and Ximena are no longer a couple. You may have seen this coming when Ximena started getting cold towards Mike and demanded that he pay for her plastic surgery. I think we all saw the red flags, even Mike’s family warned him to stop sending her money and to be careful.

Mike and Ximena 90 Day

Mike decided to take matters into his own hands with an impromptu visit to see Ximena and her family. Ximena looked less than thrilled when she welcomed Mike to her home and let’s not forget that she didn’t even pick him up from the airport.

In my humble opinion, I think she was extra salty towards Mike because he didn’t pay for her breast augmentation. Ximena told him that she had to reach out to a loan shark for it and justified her decision saying that if she gets the procedure she can become a model.

Mike and Ximena 90 Day

During Mike’s first night of the visit, Ximena decides to go out all night to have a good time, when I say all night, I mean until 9 in the morning. I don’t know about you, but I would have been out of there before Ximena decided to come back home.

Mike literally dropped everything and hopped on a plane to see her and make sure their relationship was on the right path and she clearly doesn’t have the same level of motivation to save their relationship.

Mike and Ximena 90 Day

How has Mike moved on? Well, he has been seen flirting with another 90 Day cast member on social media. He was flirting with Jasmine, who’s with Gino Palazzolo on the show. When a fan asked if he would date Jasmine, he said he of course would because she is intelligent, independent, and beautiful. Could be a perfect match?

It’s evident that Mike is moving on from Ximena… What are your thoughts? Did you see any red flags?