The rumor mill has been going crazy for weeks now when it comes to Big Ed and Liz and if they are really engaged or not. Look no further because it has recently been confirmed by the couple themselves that they are indeed engaged and happy!

He went on to say that he wasn’t a good listener in the relationship and everything was always about him. Ed says that he never imagined in a million years that he would be with Liz.

Liz stated that she had quite a hard time during their breakup, but decided to reach out to him when his dog passed away. At that point they started to talk again and Ed invited her over for dinner where he asked her a very important question.

Ed asked Liz, “Am I your forever?” And she answered “yes.” Liz had to leave for work and Ed said he rushed to the jewelry store and bought the biggest diamond he could find. Ed says he couldn’t be happier and he knows that she is his forever.

Will you be tuning in to season 2 of The Single Life to see how everything played out with Big Ed and Liz?