In a recent jaw-dropping episode of 90 Day Fiancé, the volatile relationship between Nicole and Mahmoud reached a boiling point, culminating in a public argument that left viewers on the edge of their seats. The couple’s ongoing struggle to compromise on their cultural and religious differences has been a tense focal point of the season, but Sunday’s episode saw their unresolved issues flare up with shocking results.

Nicole and Mahmoud Fight

Nicole, an American, has been grappling with adapting to life in Egypt and the conservative clothing norms that come with it, particularly the hijab. Despite a seemingly positive start to the episode, with Nicole expressing appreciation for Mahmoud’s religious practices and even learning how to pray, the couple’s unresolved issues resurfaced during a trip to a pool. Nicole’s anxiety about wearing a burkini led to Mahmoud becoming visibly upset and walking out, only to later insist that he wasn’t angry.

Throughout the episode, both Nicole and Mahmoud shared their feelings with the cameras, revealing their doubts about whether they could truly find a compromise that would make them both happy. Despite the ongoing tension, Nicole insisted that when they weren’t fighting or criticizing each other, they were genuinely happy together.

Nicole and Mahmoud fight

However, the situation took a shocking turn when an off-camera comment from Mahmoud triggered a heated exchange between the couple. Nicole, who had been trying her best to please Mahmoud all day, revealed that he had made a passive-aggressive remark to her while they were changing out of their swimsuits. The comment was the last straw for Nicole, who confessed that she had “snapped.”

The argument escalated quickly as they continued to bicker in public, with Nicole telling Mahmoud she was tired of him constantly picking at her. As he tried to grab her arm, she shook him off and demanded that he leave her alone. In a shocking turn of events, Nicole physically pushed Mahmoud, leading him to grab her wrist and warn her not to do that again.

The confrontation reached a peak when Mahmoud, unable to understand Nicole’s actions, presented her with an ultimatum: either go home and talk things through or get divorced. Nicole refused to make a decision on the spot, asserting that Mahmoud no longer had control over her. He gave her a five-minute deadline to come home, or their marriage would be over.

As the emotional rollercoaster continued, Nicole tearfully admitted to cameras that she was unsure about how to move forward in the relationship, while Mahmoud texted her, hoping she’d find someone more suitable. The episode ended with Mahmoud getting into an Uber alone, leaving both their relationship and viewers in a state of uncertainty.

This shocking episode of 90 Day Fiancé highlights the challenges that can arise when two people from vastly different backgrounds attempt to build a life together.