The once-inseparable duo, Cynthia Decker and Molly Hopkins, who captured the hearts of 90 Day Fiance fans with their hilarious commentary on the Pillow Talk spin-off, have now turned bitter enemies. Last year, their friendship of a decade came crashing down, with tensions simmering over Cynthia’s dissatisfaction at being sidelined while Molly basked in the limelight. Fans were left aghast, wondering if Cynthia would quit the franchise.

Molly and Cynthia Fight

In a shocking turn of events, Cynthia Decker has confirmed that she will not return to the Pillow Talk spin-off! She took to Instagram to announce the heartbreaking news, admitting that she was no longer friends with Molly and wouldn’t be coming back. Although she wished she had a “different answer” for her fans, they were left reeling from this bombshell reveal. However, they continue to show their support for Cynthia’s future endeavors.

But the drama doesn’t end there! The ex-best friends are now embroiled in a legal battle over their lingerie businesses. Fans may recall that Molly owns a lingerie brand, Livi Rae, which she had been running with Cynthia as partners. Following their explosive fallout, Cynthia launched her own brand, Brest Frend. This move allegedly enraged Molly, who accused Cynthia of violating their “operating agreement.”

Molly and Cynthia Fight

Molly’s legal team sought a “declaration” that Cynthia had been part of their joint business, and the 47-year-old even pursued a temporary restraining order against her former best friend, accusing her of “harassing” employees. Cynthia vehemently denies these allegations, and it seems that things have not progressed further in court. Nonetheless, Cynthia has launched her new brand, Brest Frend, seemingly without any obstacles from her ex-best friend.

Will Molly and Cynthia ever bury the hatchet and reconcile? Or is their once-adored friendship now doomed to be a distant memory? Stay tuned for the latest updates on this 90 Day Fiance scandal!