How much is too much when it comes to sharing private information about your significant other? I’m sure we have all been in a situation where we needed to vent about something personal in our lives. However, it’s typically with a close family member or friend and not during a public interview. Paul Staehle may have took things a little too far…

He recently had an interview that streamed live on Instagram. During the interview, he was asked multiple questions about his wife Karine. Karine and Paul are currently living in Brazil and are expecting their 2nd baby. This interview made me uncomfortable due to the sheer fact that too much private information was exposed. Details that should only remain between a couple were talked about for everyone to hear. Questions that should be completely shot down were answered.

For instance, Paul stated that Karine does see other men, but he has to do a background check on them first. She apparently gives him all the details on these people, so he can go ahead and search them up. In the past, he stated that he had found a mug shot and pedophile charges, which led to Karine no longer seeing that individual. Paul went on to say that Karine is open about who she sees and that she is over 18, so what she does with her life and body is her business.

According to Paul, Karine promises there are currently no other men in the picture and her focus is on working on things with her family. He says she is a much better person and being in Brazil has helped a lot, since her family are all in the same building. He revealed that he had seen pictures of Karine with “somebody else” and that him very hard, but now she says she doesn’t talk to them anymore. She is in the process of renewing her green card and they have another child on the way.

When Paul was asked if Karine sleeps with other men he stated: “I don’t know whats going on with that” and that she sleeps somewhere else for a few days sometimes. He also said he tries not to think about those things and tries to think of the best possible scenario, for instance, that Karine met a Brazilian local who is a girl, and they are just hanging out. We also have to be mindful that this information is all just Paul’s side of the story, I’m sure if we spoke to Karine, a lot of this information would be deemed invalid.

Paul also shared that Karine has gotten physical with him in the past. When he was asked if Karine ever physically assaulted him he answered that she has, but it was minor and that it usually happened when she got mad or frustrated. Paul went on to say that Karine has given him a hard slap on the face and that it was never anything that left permanent damage or required a hospital. Again… just way to personal for the internet. This type of subject matter should be shared with a therapist not on social media!

When Paul was asked if Karine drinks alcohol while pregnant he said: “I’m gonna plead the 5th on that one” and that he wasn’t going to get into it. The subject of STD’s came up and Paul stated: “there are some things that happened with that..they were minor” and he also said it is all cleared up now.

I am shocked by how much Paul revealed about Karine, their past, and their current relationship. I understand sharing one or two intimate details to gain attention, but this is just way over the top. He is supposed to be protecting his wife and her reputation, not smearing it. I don’t know if he is aware that’s what he is doing or if he thinks it’s not a big deal…but it definitely is! I don’t know who wouldn’t be offended by what Paul said. I know I would be absolutely livid.